The Achieve60AZ Alliance

The goal of Achieve60AZ is to help generate greater public and private awareness, ownership and support for the long-term steps needed in college entry and completion, adult education and training, and identifying and closing skills gaps to better prepare our workforce and our state for the future.

UA student transitions from small town

Taylor DeLao was born and raised in Safford.

Leaders advocate for full-day kindergarten

Leaders say that all-day kindergarten is key to early literacy. 

Arizona benefits from increased attainment

Arizonans recognize the importance of a high-quality education for all.

Student has plans to work as an attorney

Francisco Fernandez may run for president one day.

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By the time today’s preschoolers complete high school,




are going to require some form of

Higher Education

Ensuring 60 percent of Arizonans have a certificate or college degree by 2030 puts us on a path to prosperity – for Arizonans and for our state’s future workforce.


We all want our state to be a great place to live, work and raise a family. A world-class education in Arizona would ensure our students have the knowledge and credentials necessary for good jobs, make them more competitive across the globe, and make our citizens more prosperous.

Arizonans consistently agree education must be a top priority, so imagine if we all acted accordingly. Every child, regardless of background, income or zip code would receive a world-class education – from the early years through college and career. Our students would be the most educated, skilled and sought after innovators of the 21st century. Arizona would lead the nation in attracting and growing jobs. Everything from property values to health care to crime rates would be positively impacted.

Arizonans now have a way to better understand what it takes for our state and our children to succeed and achieve this vision. Attainment is one way to track progress in our state and in your community.


of Arizonans have a certificate or degree.

We all have a role to play. Get started now! Click through to learn about additional education issues, statewide efforts to address them and ways to get involved.