Our Vision

Arizona has a diverse, well-educated, highly-skilled workforce participating in a thriving economy.

Our Mission

Achieve60AZ holds the 60% by 2030 attainment goal as the North Star for what is necessary in education and workforce alignment for Arizona to have a thriving economy for future generations.

Our Work

The Achieve60AZ Alliance will advance postsecondary attainment by acting as a statewide catalyst to:

  • Increase public support of the value of the postsecondary attainment goal
  • Build awareness and support actions on key strategies that improve attainment
  • Provide informed data and reporting to maintain momentum and progress toward the goal
  • Educate and empower decision makers on strategies to achieve the attainment goal

Our Organization

Achieve60AZ is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, community-based alliance of over 150 member organizations and more than 40 municipalities that have made the postsecondary attainment goal their own.

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