Our Vision

Arizona has a diverse, well-educated, highly-skilled workforce participating in a thriving economy.

Our Mission

Achieve60AZ holds the 60% by 2030 attainment goal as the North Star for what is necessary in education and workforce alignment for Arizona to have a thriving economy for future generations.

Our Work

The Achieve60AZ Alliance will advance postsecondary attainment by acting as a statewide catalyst to:

  • Increase public support of the value of the postsecondary attainment goal
  • Build awareness and support actions on key strategies that improve attainment
  • Provide informed data and reporting to maintain momentum and progress toward the goal
  • Educate and empower decision makers on strategies to achieve the attainment goal

Our Organization

Achieve60AZ is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, community-based alliance of over 150 member organizations and more than 40 municipalities that have made the postsecondary attainment goal their own.

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To reach 60 percent attainment by 2030, Arizona must invest in equity and work to eliminate attainment opportunity gaps for Black/African American, Latinx, and Native American communities. 

In 2019, Achieve60AZ convened three groups in Arizona to consider the 60 percent attainment goal for communities where the greatest opportunity gaps exist. Over 140 community leaders came together to form the Black/African American, Latinx, and Tribal Nations & Communities attainment task forces. Each task force established community-specific goals and identified and prioritized strategies to close the attainment opportunity gaps. These recommendations were finalized through community conversations hosted by Achieve60AZ in 2020, to ensure the voices of even more people were included in this work overall.

This is not a new idea. As other states have worked to increase their attainment rates, there is evidence that taking a laser focus on equity illuminates strategies that are critical to closing gaps. What was different in Arizona is that while this work was spurred by Achieve60AZ, it was led by the communities themselves. All three groups were facilitated from within their own membership.

While the discussions and priorities of each task force were unique, the end result was the same: each group set ambitious goals to reach 60 percent attainment and identified the key strategies to close attainment gaps all together.

Read more in the 2020 State of Attainment Report.