Diversity, Equity, Governance & Inclusion consultant
Governing Board President, Balsz School District
former President, ASBA Black Caucus

Over the past decade, Channel Powe has a champion for communities, children, families and folks alike. As a young activist hailing from Detroit, Ms. Powe experienced firsthand the daunting challenges that can discourage individuals – especially those without professional political or policy backgrounds, resources, an influential rolodex, and those in communities that lack empowerment from becoming public servants in policy. Having come a long way – from an upstart child advocate to elected Governing Board President, former Arizona School Boards Association Black Caucus – President, and has served on our city and county boards and commissions. During her tenure on the Phoenix Women’s Commission, they successfully passed Fair and Equal Pay through the city council to help close the gender gap.  

Recently, Powe led the charge to pass five board resolutions that aim to; reduce student suspension, create safe zones for immigrants, a call-to-action for law makers to int in counselors and not fire-arms. Ms. Powe is a nationally recognized equity leader and often called upon by the National School Boards Association and other advocacy groups to speak to creating a more equitable environment on campuses. Ms. Powe sees it as an opportunity, an obligation, and a responsibility to share her experience, bring awareness on issues, train those who want to engage, empower women and girls, and foster relationships with those who want systemic change; universal change.